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How To Play T-Rex World Multiplayer Android Games

T-Rex World - Playing T-Rex World Multiplayer Android Games is somewhat interesting. We choose card and use it on suitable space. We just use Attack, Use, Tame, or Next button. If we face card with dinosaurs image, we will use another dinosaurs with higher attack power and than attack button. The higher attack rate usually be winner.

welcome message from t-rex world

Welcome message from T-Rex World. It will appear when we play it first time.

objective goal of t-rex world
The objective goal of T-Rex World Multiplayer. You should get experience points by attack another player cards.

select your card to play t-rex
 Just select available card for playing.


T-Rex World Multiplayer Hints

  1. Don’t use card with lower attack rate, or you will lose your card. 
  2. When playing you may lose your card and haven’t any card. If you have many foods, by click next button you will be randomized to card available for buy, the price is below its card. Click Tame to buy it using your food stock. Repeat this next-clicking to collect cards. 
  3. Place your best attack power on empty place, than you will win on background attack. 
  4. If we face empty space, we can use another card to collect food or steal food, so our food will increase and we can use it on another case.

t-rex world click tame
Click Tame to buy the card
Click Attack to attack your enemy card

I hope it will guide your experience on T-Rex Multiplayer Android Games. You can add more hints on comment. Thanks.
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My Shaiya Fighter Character Build Guide

Online gamer maniac must know Shaiya, the best online game for me. Although there are so many guides online, I still introduce my playing style. I believe this style (character building) gives me very best Shaiya Fighter character ever. How do I build this character?

Buiding Fighter Character

My best experience in Shaiya, When I build my fighter character is using combination of 3 Str 1 Rec and 1 Dex. Using this model, I have a high damage on every hit. Fighter have special bonus on every level, they will automatically got 1 strength when level up. I don’t think that luc is something important. Luc is one way to get random critical damage in multiple hits. But, as my strength grow up, I still have big damage.

Other say that combination of 3 Str, 1 Dex and 1 Luc is more comfortable, as you will have chance to get critical damage. I think it is false. 1 Luc on every level is just give very small % of critical damage. So it is wasting your stat. And you will have very long time to recover your health as your 0 Rec. It is very critical when you in place that there are so many enemies and you forgot your blood tank.

Don’t try 5 Str! It just gives a lot of damage but you will be hit 1 time and die!

I ever try 2 Str, 1 Rec, 1 Dex, and 1 Luc. It does give me a balanced force, but I I feel less satisfied. My hit rate is slow and did not give me beautiful attraction.

Yeah it is my little experience in Shaiya online game. Until now, I usually use this shaiya fighter character build guide. This stat combination gives me more attractive player. Ya, Just a newbe model. :)
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HBO has aired this extended Game of Thrones trailer

HBO has aired this extended Game of Thrones trailer before Boardwalk Empire.Its awesome and I am speechless.Earlier HBO aired Inside Game of Thrones a 30 second video.I just cant wait for the series to premiere.Make sure to tune in to this blog to watch Game Of Thrones Online.

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Game Of Thrones Review - A Game of Thrones is doing better

Game Of Thrones Review - Not since "Rome" and "The Tudors" wrapped have I felt so strongly about a dramatic series set in a time long gone.
Unlike the two series mentioned, the new drama on HBO, "Game of Thrones," is not a real world or historical period drama, but an adapted drama based on the construct of an imagination that was born to tell a grand, great yarn.
We must first say that the excitement is for good reason. Based on the best selling George RR Martin, and beloved novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire, the books have sold over seven million copies worldwide, won countless awards and hit the top of the list of the New York Times bestsellers, so no surprise that HBO saw the potential in it. But there is a possible drawback - the fantasy genre has not done traditionally and tellybox. A Game of Thrones is doing better?

From the first couple of episodes, I recognize that just might. With a narrative that jumps right into the action, we are introduced to the seven kingdoms of the west, and things - both human and supernatural - that threaten their peace. In the far north, beyond the wall that protects the kingdoms, walkers Wight - reanimated corpses - old fairy tales are moving. Meanwhile, King Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy) travel to Winterfell to ask your trusted friend Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) to rule at his side, while in the south, the last remaining heir of the previous dynasty, Viserys Targaryen , Daenerys sells her sister bought an army and regain his crown.

Game Of Thrones MapThat said, the concept of heroes and villains is not really relevant here. Regardless of your environment, Game of Thrones is ultimately a story of humanity. The story is based on the actors' ambition, greed and lust, giving Game of Thrones realism that helps you rise above the usual costume historical dramas. Each character has a dark side and the cross, intentions or alliances are clear giving a nice background unpredictable quality. It is clear from the outset that each of the large cast of characters has a journey to pursue, but if they come to the end of the season is unknown.
With so many characters, plots, places and background to present concerns to the Game of Thrones was always that the series would be confusing. However, the filmmakers have found the perfect balance, introducing the world of the west at a leisurely pace, while the continuous movement throughout history. The show's production values ​​are the key, not only because it looks so good (and it looks amazing), but because every kingdom is given its own distinct visual identity, the wall is sad and miserable, Winterfell is dark and sad, King's Landing is lush and green, while Pentos in the south is exotic and vibrant. The series' complex mythology is woven into everything from characters dressed in their accents, all of which have been carefully designed to tell us more about our heroes and villains that any long monologue ever could.
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Inside Game Of Thrones
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Knowing and How to play Baccarat


Contrary to  blackjack, although baccarat is occasionally called the cousin of blackjack, in baccarat a role player can bet on whether his/her hand or the bargainers will win.  The three gambling options in baccarat are player, banker, or tie.  Betting on the player will play even money.  Betting on the banker is the plainest bet but it is important to know that casinos charge a 5 percentage charge when the role player bets for the house.  Players should not let this discourage them, though, the reason the house accuses this fee is deserved to the fact that the banker wins, statistically, more times than the player.

The understanding for the equivalence is due to the basic game rules. In blackjack, you have to accomplish a hand closer to 21 than the dealer’s.  In baccarat, the bridge player closer to 9 is the winner.  Baccarat is also acknowledged as the king of gambling casino games and is one of the oldest cardses still played at cassinos today. The least common of the bets is the tie, which pays 8 to one.  This is one of the least-profitable plays a person can place at a casino, the house bound is exceedingly high.     

Alike to blackjack, baccarat is a game where a individual player bullies off against the bargainer.  Baccarat, even with its glamourous image, is primarily a gambling game.  Also unlike blackjack, a noble scheme still does not make this a ‘beatable’ game.

The card appraises are easy to commemorate, court card and ten are worth zero, ace cards are worth one and number cards are face value.  A role player receives two cards and can only encounter one more deal during the game play. 

Even though the game is fairly bare to learn and master, it is one of the more popular alternatives for high-rolling, VIP players.  Online casinos offer a set out of baccarat betting limits but many land-based casinos only offer baccarat in high-minimum limits and, frequently, in an assorted area from the main gambling casino to offer the VIP participants secrecy.

Baccarat is conceived one of the most glamourous of the casino games.  Due, in part, to the fact that for centuries this was a game played by the French royalty and to the fact that it was boasted conspicuously in many of the 007 films as James Bond’s game of choice.

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Playing Cruel Soliter


Did you know there are hundreds, if not thousands of solitaire games? You may have heard of some of the more popular ones, such as Freecell, Klondike, Pyramid, or Spider Solitaire. But there are LOTS of other solitaire games as well. One of my favourites is a little-known game called Cruel Solitaire.

The aim of cruel solitaire is to build 4 ascending suit sequences in the foundation zone. The opening tableau is made up of 4 foundation stacks (Each containing an Ace), a talon, and 12 manoeuvre stacks, each containing 4 cards. You can move cards in the foundation stack onto cards of the same suit, and one more in rank. For example, you can move a 3 of Clubs onto a 4 of Clubs, or a Queen of Hearts onto a King of Hearts, and a 2 of Spades onto a 3 of Spades.

REDEALING IN CRUEL SOLITAIRE... The talon in Cruel Solitaire is unlike the talon in other solitaire games. It doesn't actually deal out any more cards. Instead, it redeals the cards in the manoeuvre stacks, so that each stack has 4 cards. The order of the cards stays the same, starting at the leftmost stack, with the bottom cards on a stack going to the top of the next stack.

CRUEL SOLITAIRE STRATEGY... Understanding how the redeal works is the key to doing well in Cruel Solitaire. You should focus on only redealing when you have to. The more you play, the more you'll start to discover certain patterns that occur when you redeal. (HINT: A Card on top will stay on top, if all the stacks to the left of it have 4 cards). Once you understand these patterns, you will be able to have control over which cards will shuffle around when you redeal. When you get to this stage of understanding, winning cruel solitaire becomes much easier... just focus on moving the rightmost cards to the talon first, and try and leave some leftmost cards in reserve for when you run out of moves.

The best case scenario for this is to have a 2 at the top leftmost column. If this happens, don't move the 2 to the talon, until you have exhausted all other moves and redeals. If you play solitaire, and you would like to try a different game for a change, then give Cruel Solitaire a go... I'm sure you'll find it a lot of fun!

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How to Collect Dollar on Runescape


Below are some tricks to collect money from Runescape Free Online Games.


Collect Dollar from Merchanting

There are several ways to do this. When playing Runescape, you can buy overstocked items in one store and then sell them at a higher price in a store where they are not stocked. You can also buy commodities that are being sold at less than market value and then sell them to other players who are willing to pay higher prices. In order to do this, though, it is necessary that you are aware of current market prices.


You can buy sharks for around 800 gp and later sell them for around 1000 gp. Similarly, you can buy lobsters for 100 to 130 gp and sell them for 200 gp. Rumor has it that in Edgeville they are desperate for food and selling there can be quite lucrative.  You can buy coal for 130 gp and sell it for around 200 gp near Falador’s east bank. Also consider Rune Essence, which can be bought for 20 gp and sold for 40 at Varrock’s east bank.

A great way for new members with combat below 30 to make good money is to kill chickens and collect their feathers.


Adventures in Treasure Hunting

Another way to earn money is by Treasure hunting. Treasure hunting is actually a mini-game on Runescape for members. There are three different levels, which yield different treasure possibilities. In level one, you can get gold trimmed, black armour worth 300k a set. In the second level, you can get ranger boots worth 700k. In the last level, you can get gold trimmed rune armor, god armor, gilded armor and a Robin Hood hat. Each of these items can be worth over one million gp each. 


Carry up your Skills

The higher level you have, the more money you can make in these areas. Mining, fishing and woodcutting are considered the big three moneymakers. However, there are people that find their fortunes in thieving. For example, in mining you can earn 13k for each reunite ore that you mine. For the woodcutter, magic logs are worth 1k each. Fishermen can get up to 1k for each shark and if the thief can get his hands on blood runes, he can get at least 400 gp.


Dare to Duel

Dueling can win you a fortune, or you can lose everything you have. It’s only worth the risk if you are absolutely certain that you can’t lose.


Just Collect Feathers

A great way for new members in Runescape with combat below 30 to make good money is to kill chickens and collect their feathers. Once you collect around 500 feathers, you can go to world one and sell them just to the East of the West Bank in Varrock if you’re a Free to Play member. If you’re a Pay to Play member, the best place to sell them is just North of the East Falador Bank. You can usually get about 10-20 gp each in member’s worlds. If you’re looking to buy feathers, head to fishing shops and go for larger quantities. If you buy groups of at least 1,000, you can make a substantial profit. It’s a good idea to sell to people, not stores. 

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Play World of Warcraft Games Briefly


The way you play World of Warcraft or WoW, is you create a character either on the Alliance or Horde faction, which are enemies.  You choose your race and class in typical RPG style, such as a gnomish magician or undead warlock. Once your character is introduced into the world of Azeroth (the name of the game world) you gain experience and levels by killing mobs (non-player character enemies) and completing quests.  Quests can be aquired from various sources, such as NPCs or by finding certain items.  Quests usually give a nice amount of experience and often useful items so leveling is faster if you do quests as much as you can.


Since the late 90s, when EverQuest took online gaming into a new light, massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) have been steadily gaining popularity.  World of Warcraft became an instant success when it was launched in November 2004 and currently has more than half the market of the MMORPG genre with over 7.5 million players worldwide.

Items and armor are major parts of playing WoW.  Along with a character's level, the gear he or she is wearing and using is a sort of status symbol.  Lower level players stare in awe at a maximum level character decked out in dazzling suits of armor.  Armor and other items are found on mobs, given out in quests or obtained in a group or raid instance.

Grouping is a major part of playing World of Warcraft.  Soloing all the way to the maximum level of 60 (70 with The Burning Crusade) is entirely possible but grouping has many advantages.  A good group can accomplish a lot more than a single player can. 

Killing mobs over and over for experience, or grinding as it is referred to, can be easier and faster with a group of people. Questing can also be faster when the whole group finishes a quest in a single step, whereas the solo player had to do that step by him or herself.  Instances, for example, which are places where players enter their own private dungeon, often require a group or even a raid. 

Blizzard isn't too fond of this whole idea but they don't try to crack down on it much.  Some players spend their time on WoW by farming (killing mobs solely for the purpose of making money) and end up making a decent amount of real money.

Raiding is where things get really exciting.  Some instances require many players to crawl through and clear out and have boss mobs that are impossible to kill by one player.  Up to 40 players, usually all in the same guild, have to strategize to find a way to defeat a particular high-end boss mob.

World of Warcraft even has its own economy where items are bought and sold in Auction Houses.  These items are valuable to players, so some people pay a lot of in-game money or gold for them.  Players have taken this economy into the real world by selling gold to other players for real currency and some people even sell whole WoW accounts.

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PC Games Jodie Drake and the World in Peril


On this new games, PC Games Jodie Drake and the World in Peril, you will enjoy amazing adventures. Discover hidden treasures in long forgotten ruins, while fighting the evil Professor Bergen and his demented cronies!

The walkthrough of this Jodie Drake and the World in Peril will available soon. Do you have what it takes to successfully pass through dangerous traps and the brain-testing puzzles that will hinder your progress? Find out in Jodie Drake and the World in Peril, an incredible Hidden Object game.

  • Explore ancient ruins
  • Incredible graphics
  • Help Jodi discover treasures!

jodie drake world in

Jodie Drake and the World in Peril System Requirements

    * OS: Windows XP/Vista
    * CPU: 800 Mhz
    * RAM: 512 MB
    * DirectX: 8.0
    * Hard Drive: 411 MB

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Queen of Spades Strategy Guide on Haunted Legends


On this new bigfish games “Haunted Legends”, you would got win when you play carefully. Just follow the crystal clear instructions and helpful tricks to get you through the rough spots! Solve those tricky puzzles.

Figure out where you’re supposed to go next. Get tips and hints from our handy Strategy Guide! Written by our Casual Game Experts, each Strategy Guide comes with large, detailed screenshots, and fantastic descriptions.

haunted legends queen spades

Haunted Legends Queen of Spades System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • CPU: 600 Mhz
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • DirectX: 6.0
  • Hard Drive: 20 MB
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